Batting one's emails

Adrian Morant, one of the ARP Webbers Newsletter authors, wrote a short review of The Bat!. ARP Webbers positions itself as “an internet and computing newsletter for active retired people”, so it’s a great honour for us to be reviewed in it.

Here we present some parts of this review; full text can be found in the Reviews section of our website.

If you only send or receive a few emails, and those are of a trivial nature, even the most basic email client will be more than adequate. However, in general, it doesn't take too long to become reliant on emails for keeping in touch. Under these circumstances, it makes sense to use a versatile client that can be configured to your needs.
Version 4 which has just been released in both home and professional versions incorporates a wider range of facilities than previously. Probably most useful is "Address History" which, by using email addresses, enables one to keep track of message streams to/from any correspondent. These may be with friends or relatives or when making arrangements with your bank or insurance company. Having put this to use, I just wonder how I previously managed.