What is

- What is is a joint service from Ritlabs, SRL and Google. Now every user of The Bat! v4.xx is able to benefit of all the advantages of GMail service under domain name. The Bat! users can process their emails using mobile platforms, get reliable anti-spam and anti-virus protection, integrated search engine, chat and total synchronization of the two versions – mobile and classic.

- How large is the actual scale of the project?
Users display a keen interest in the project by registering themselves on our website. Currently has more than 1000 users and this number is growing permanently.

- What impelled you to start working on this project?
We want to show users that “webmail” and “email client” do not exclude one another. The Bat! has a series of undoubted advantages – automated mail processing tools, own mechanisms of treating HTML and images, messages encryption, etc. GMail grants strong anti-spam and anti-virus protection, option of email access from portable devices. In our opinion, this combination of two high-quality products brings users nothing but good.

- What auditory is this project directed at?
We’re sure that for the owners of portable PC’s is an intermediate variant. These users literally attack us with the demands to create a version of The Bat! for portable devices. Such version is not foreseen in our nearest plans, and project corresponds to portability requirements. By instrumentality we demonstrate all the benefits of the email client to convinced webmail supporters; this will help in drawing these users’ attention to The Bat!.

- I was able to use GMail with The Bat!. Why do I need this new service?
Before this joint service appeared, users would meet certain obstacles in setting up GMail for The Bat!. In The Bat! v4 the setup process is as convenient and easy as possible. The users of this service do not need to spend their time on the setup, we’ve done it for them. There’s an alternative – to waste an hour for setting up and adjusting GMail for The Bat! or to make everything in 5 minutes using

- Do you plan further collaboration with Google?
We’re open to collaboration that would create extra benefits for our users. We hope that in the nearest future becomes not only a part of our email system, but also a place in the Internet where our users can get various additional services.