The Bat! 4.0.24 – at your service

RITLabs announces the release of the new The Bat! update – v.4.0.24. In the new version developers made a series of improvements. Let us now present the most significant innovations.

The Bat! interface was improved. It’s now possible to extract attachments from many messages at the same time using the “Attachments | Save all” commands in the main menu and message list menu. Message preview pane is provided with the “Resend to” command for attachments. Users can choose the background color for the Image Viewer. Password input dialog displays Caps Lock status and keyboard layout. Besides, registration key input is much easier now.

Developers upgraded the S/MIME internal implementation mechanism. When the user removes a self-signed certificate with private key from the account, The Bat! also automatically deletes this certificate from Trusted Root CA address book. Signing certificate is now saved as default while signing.

Secure connections were also enhanced. The Bat! has better logging for certificate chains in TLS connections. Moreover, during the TLS handshake, The Bat! first looks for certificates in the address book, and then, if a required certificate was not found there, in the list of certificates transmitted from the server to the client. It allows the user to add proper certificates to the address book to override the troublesome certificates that might have been transmitted by the server.

Developers provided new macros for The Bat! templates. One of them is the %MEMO macro for including the original message’s Memo text. This macro is very useful for corporate emailing. New syntax of the %ABnnnEMAIL macro was added – it is now possible to retrieve secondary email addresses on an address book entry by passing a number as the first parameter, e.g. %ABOTOEMAIL(1). The second parameter can be used for setting the default value. %ABnnnEMAIL[="Default Value"] works as before and in the same way as %ABnnnEMAIL(0, "Default Value"). %CLEAR macro works in HTML/Windows Editor. HTTP and mailto links are now clickable when pasted from a template.

Speaking of other modifications, it’s worth mentioning that the submission forms are uploaded with the possibility of filtering lists of choices. Several minor bugs are fixed.

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