Legally valid mail dispatch receipts – BatPost 2.22 innovation

In many countries there are laws that give an electronic digital signature the same status as a handwritten signature, and a digitally signed document is equivalent to a manually signed document. Using the new feature of BatPost, senders can get mail dispatch receipts that have legal recognition. This new option is based on the technologies currently required and used in government applications.

BatPost signed receipts allow electronic mail to be used in spheres where only registered letters were applicable. This new method of dispatch has a number of advantages over classic methods that are not quite up-to-date with modern requirements.

For example, when a registered letter is dispatched, the sender receives a document that only confirms the fact of dispatching, while the information that was sent does not remain with him or her. Copies of paper documents can be notarized, but a notary public has nothing to do with post offices and can’t certify that these paper documents were mailed. A copy of the dispatched message can be received when sending a telegram, but is restricted to only sending short text messages with a limited format. A printout of the letter enclosure also imposes constraints.

You can get more information about the new version from our press release.

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