The Bat! 4.0.28 – innovations in detail

RITLabs presents The Bat! 4.0.28, regular update of its The Bat! email program. The major improvements of the new version refer to Quick Templates and to Mozilla Thunderbird messages import option. Other features of the program were also upgraded.

Developers equipped The Bat! 4.0.28 with a new Quick Templates editor that supports a series of features available in the MicroEd, program’s main editor. In the new version, while creating a template, users can check the spelling of the entered text in order to avoid occasional misspelling. Text search option for templates was also included.

An important addition to the Quick Templates editor is the template preview option. When users are creating templates, they can simultaneously view the assumed message that results from this template’s work. For example, in the preview window the %TOFNAME macro will be transformed into the addressee’s name, etc. This feature is especially useful for sophisticated templates with many macros.

Together with the new template editor The Bat! 4.0.28 users obtain a new format for quick templates storing that supports the Unicode character set. Using these two novelties, users can create Unicode messages based on Unicode templates.

The Bat!’s new version is equipped with the option of importing messages from Mozilla Thunderbird. This option was added into the Import Wizard menu, so that our users could benefit of full-featured message transfer from Mozilla Thunderbird mail client.

We should also mention other innovations, such as extended drag-and-drop facilities – now users can drag messages as files system-wide, bring the destination window to the forefront by dragging the buttons from the taskbar, import messages from .EML and .MSG files, etc. Developers also resolved some problems that were appearing while using The Bat! with multiple displays.

As for the security features, S/MIME and TLS protocols were upgraded in order to support new attributes and algorithms of certificate processing. Spell-checking was also improved – now there is a new “Check from cursor” menu command.

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