The Bat! 4.0.34

RITLabs draws your attention to The Bat! regular update, v.4.0.34.

In the new version a modern tab control was implemented. It uses space effectively and has a "close" button on the selected tab. If one tab or another is not needed anymore, users can just click this button and get rid of that tab.

In addition to this innovation, The Bat! 4.0.34 has a series of fixes and improvements. Thus, The Bat! now runs simultaneously under different user accounts on the same computer, feature that was not active in 4.0.28 (previous versions were OK). "Add to address book" button in the certificate button now gives no error. Drag-and drop of tabs in the message list view works properly.

Access violations that appeared in the Network & Administration dialog in OTFE mode and with the "export message" filter action were eliminated. Tab colour is now updated properly; Dispatcher and Address Picker save window properties. Portable version of the program was also improved – incorrect default position of the separator in Address selector dialog of The Bat! Voyager 4.0.34 was fixed. In conclusion, the user is now able to select which token to use when multiple eToken Tokens are plugged into the computer.

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