Work with STOPzilla – precautionary measures

STOPzilla is one of the numerous anti-spyware programs. Not doubting its functionality, we would like to warn The Bat! users about some problems that can appear while working with STOPzilla.

The case is that STOPzilla erroneously detects a spyware called “Archivesoftwareview” in The Bat! registry entries. If the user orders to remove the “infected” entries, STOPzilla clears all the stored emails and the information about The Bat! registration. The recovery of this information can be extremely difficult.

Currently this issue is being resolved with STOPzilla developers. As a precautionary measure we advise you to make a registry backup. You need to enter the registry (Start – Run, type “regedit” and press OK), access the following path: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ and find the folder named RIT there. Once you find it, export it and store it in a safe place. Of course, regular backups of The Bat! message databases should not be neglected.