ArtelPlus release TheBat! Sync v.2.4 for Windows Mobile

TheBat! Sync is a special synchronization module (conduit) that synchronizes TheBat! address book and contacts of a Windows Mobile device.

With TheBat! Sync module you can modify address book records either on your mobile device or in TheBat! and then simply perform synchronization using the standard synchronization manager. All the changes made to the entries will thus be synchronized. A useful feature of the synchronizer is that it allows you to synchronize your device address book with two or more PCs, e.g. at home and at work. This will make sure you have the up-to-date address database without manual transfer of the records.

The product interface is simple and intuitive. Upon installation, TheBat! Sync icon will appear on the task bar:

Double click on it opens the options window:

where you can enable/disable the synchronizer, enter path to the address book, and choose the synchronization mode. Installation, setup, and deinstallation details are available at press of the Help button.

Official site

The product is shareware. Demo version limitation: synchronization of 5 records from each address book.