A Bat Delayed, Filtered, and Still Not Shaken

Bill Blinn, our devoted user, wrote an article about The Bat!'s new version. We liked it a lot and want you to have a look at it. Here are some extracts from Bill's article.

First of all, he puts a rhetoric question: "Have you dashed off a quick e-mail, sent it, and immediately: (a)Realized that you left out something important, (b)Wished that you hadn't sent the message, or (c)Noticed a misspelled word as the application was closing the message and queuing it for delivery?".

Immediately after that, he gives his answer: "The Bat comes to the rescue with a "delayed send" option and you get to choose the delay: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 23 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day. Whatever. It's your choice. And that's just one small reason why my favorite e-mail program has been The Bat for more than a decade".

You can find even more interesting stuff by clicking the following link that guides you to the complete version of Bill's article. Have fun!