The Bat! 4.2.9 – major improvements

RITLabs draws users' attention to the new version of The Bat! email program. This version has a series of major improvements described below.

The most important novelty of The Bat! 4.2.9 is the improved work with antivirus programs. In previous versions, while working with The Bat! through .bav modules interface, some antiviruses stated that "the object can't be checked for viruses" even when the object was infected. Now every object is checked using The Bat! Anti-Virus Plugin API mechanism. If the external module detects a virus, The Bat! generates a correct user message containing the name of the virus and other information, and performs a correct action indicated in the setup interface: "Try to cure infected parts", "Remove infected parts", "Forward the message to self", "Delete the message", "Move to the Quarantine folder", "Send notification to the sender".

Another improvement concerns windows that appear on the display before the main window of The Bat!. In previous versions they did not appear on the Windows taskbar. In this way, issues of mailbox password or USB key PIN-code input before the launch of the program were lost among other windows and could only be found by minimizing other windows. In The Bat! 4.2.9 all the preliminary windows (for example, mailbox creation wizard that appears on the first launch of The Bat!) can be seen on the taskbar after user switches focus from The Bat! to an other program (for example, for copying his email into Clipboard). This gives the opportunity to return quickly to The Bat! windows.

An important addition that was implemented in The Bat! 4.2.9 is the option to indicate the language in template macros related to date and time. For example, in previous versions, while working with the English interface of The Bat! in a German Windows OS, the quotation of the message being answered started with "You wrote Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009" – an unpleasant mix of English and German words. Now users have the possibility to have an introduction in indicated languages, like "You wrote on July, 5, 2009, at 13:07:20". This function is very handy, if you send messages to your correspondents in different languages – each of them can receive introductory sentence with the date in his language.

Among other innovations of The Bat! 4.2.9 we should mention the automatic marking of the emails from new domains, such as .info, .name, .aero, .asia, etc. Previously The Bat! could not separate these emails from the rest of the "plain text" messages, but now such addresses are marked as well as the traditional .com, .org, etc. Of course, The Bat! could always send and receive messages on these domains; this improvement only deals with auto-highlight of such addresses in the message body.

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