RITLabs launches The Bat! 4.2.12

Since the previous version came out, developers have added some new features and have made some improvements to the program. The main highlight of The Bat! 4.2.12 is the Menu Navigator and better work with antivirus applications.

The Bat! was always known for its wide range of useful functions. The other side of the coin was the fact that users could easily get lost in this diversity. Sometimes users could not find required menu items. For the same reason, some mechanisms of the program remain unnoticed. The Bat! 4.2.12 Menu Navigator is meant for resolving this problem once and for all.

Menu Navigator gives tips about the location of one The Bat! function or another. Menu Navigator can be found in the View section. Its interface is very simple: users enter the keyword (or its first letters) in the input box – and the Navigator gives a complete structured list of functions related to this word.

For example, if you input the word "address", the Navigator gives you all menu items concerning the work with addresses and address books. When you click any of these items, a whole menu path appears, leading you to the desired function. In this way, you will never lose anything that's in the menu. Moreover, the Menu Navigator helps you to find out about those mechanisms that you haven't noticed in previous versions.

The developers have also fixed the problems that appeared while working with several antivirus programs. Previously these programs had considered The Bat! to be a suspect application. In The Bat! 4.2.12 this problem is solved.

We remind you that The Bat! 4.2.12 is totally compatible with Windows 7 OS. Among the nearest RITLabs' plans – setting up web-like search and cryptographic innovations.

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