The Bat! 4.2.16 Christmas Edition – one more gift

A few days ago RITLabs team has launched The Bat! Voyager Christmas Release. It was a pleasure for developers to act in Santa's role and they wanted to continue it; as a result, RITLabs users now can benefit of another Christmas present – The Bat! 4.2.16.

This holiday issue has some new features and a series of fixes. Speaking of innovations, we should mention the possibility to define alternative paths for the "Extract attachments" action in the Sorting Office and the introduction of Elliptic Curves Cryptography in addition to RSA for S/MIME internal implementation.

Starting with The Bat! 4.2.16 Christmas Edition, users can assign folder paths for auto-saving attachments using The Bat!'s Sorting Office. This feature will surely occupy an important place in the process of filing organization. With this new feature users can automatically arrange documents they receive in a way that is the most convenient for them.

Elliptic Curves Cryptography is a relatively new approach to public-key cryptography. The algorithm that uses elliptic curves is more effective than RSA algorithm – for obtaining the same level of security, the latter needs more resources for information storing and transfer. On this basis, using ECC is a good alternative to RSA algorithm. Now The Bat! users also have this alternative and can choose between these two algorithms when generating a new certificate.

In addition to these innovations, Christmas Edition has some important fixes. You can access the complete list of modifications by clicking here.

RITLabs team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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