The Bat! Voyager 4.2.25 – much faster retrieval of large-sized messages

Christmas holidays are over. We've changed our Christmas splash screen for a standard one, but still continue our series of gifts. In the new version of our portable program The Bat! Voyager, users will get an improvement in large-size message download speed and some other innovations.

In The Bat! 4.2.25 the developers have considerably reduced CPU load during POP3 sessions. This significantly improves the speed of retrieving messages on computers with slow CPU and fast connection (e.g. Ethernet) to the POP3 server. On such machines the process of message download becomes many times faster, based upon 3 factors: message size, CPU speed, connection speed.

It's also worth mentioning other useful modifications, such as improved speed of handling folder names, especially noticeable on large folder trees, and changed Data Execution Prevention (DEP) detection algorithm for the operating systems prior to Windows Vista.

The Bat! Voyager 4.2.25 is available for downloading here: The Bat! Professional Edition users can activate The Bat! Voyager right after downloading.

In order to obtain The Bat! Voyager 4.2.25 benefits, The Bat! Home Edition users have to upgrade to The Bat! Professional Edition.