A friend you know is worth more than Thunderbird 2

RITLabs had proven its value and reputation once again. Our email client The Bat! was rated "The Best Email Client of 2009" by the Russian edition of PC World (Mir PK), a world-renowned IT publication.

This year was filled with competition in the email client sector. Despite still competition we at RITLabs were to defend our sector-leading position. The Bat! received 34 percent of the respondents’ votes, surpassing our main rival, Thunderbird 2, by 4 percent.

“We are glad that users are choosing our email client”, - says Serghei Demcenko, RITLabs CEO. "Every year we apply every effort to meet or exceed our users' requirements and expectations. This victory is a true justification and worth-while reward for our hard work. At the same time, we realize that the competition becomes more and more intense every year. We welcome competition and innovation in this sector, because the users will always benefit the most from this competition; they are the ones who evaluate new features that are introduced by the developers of competing applications. I am sure that in 2010 we will continue to please our users, thus expressing our gratitude for their choice. We will always strive to defend our leading position in email technologies sector."

Check out the competition results on Mir PK website. (in Russian)