BatPost 3.0: ideal mail server – at your service!

BatPost is an easy-to-customize mail server for corporate and individual users. Its usability and maintainability have already made a name for it. BatPost Server is an ideal solution for providing corporate email solutions and setting up an internal message exchange system.

Our developers have significantly expanded BatPost functionality since the previous release. Relay servers, signed mail dispatch receipts, secure connection, message base volume, and remote configuration – are just some innovations in this release and they are meant to improve flexibility of user parameters for email processing.

We equipped BatPost 3.0 with a multi-relay option; relay servers are selected according to sender and recipient of the message. This new feature is helpful for those who use BatPost as an email collector to receive messages from various free mail services. Since such servers usually permit message sending only from their own mailboxes, each of them is provided with its own relay server. For example, if the sender’s domain is, then is selected; for BatPost will select, etc.

Another important innovation is signed mail dispatch receipts that can prove that a specific message was sent and was processed via this email server. Timestamps give authentic information about the time and date of such dispatches.

Security has always been a strong suit of RITLabs software, and BatPost is no exception. In this new version we have implemented secure connections for relay servers and for Remote POP connections. BatPost 3.0 can process every user interaction through secure channels. BatPost server provides the highest level of security. Your messages are never exposed as plain text therefore protecting you and your email from intruders and mail traffic robots.

In BatPost 3.0 restrictions on message base volume are removed. Now mail folder size can considerably exceed 2Gb and overflow is no longer an issue.

We have also worked hard to optimize the remote configuration protocol. This permits our users to execute all operations much faster even with low-speed connections will reap the results.

Lastly, in BatPost 3.0 user folder tree can be edited directly from the Configurator tool. You can now create shared folders and assign various access rights for them.

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