RITLabs recommends installing The Bat! Voyager only on portable devices with NTFS file system

The Bat! Voyager is a portable version of The Bat! mail client. This program works from a portable device (USB flash drive, external hard disk, etc.), not leaving any traces on computers. The Bat! Voyager is very handy for users that work on several computers and want to secure confidentiality and to protect their private information.

Exactly because of security RITLabs is insistent in recommending its users to install The Bat! Voyager only on NTFS-formatted devices. Usually, portable drives are preformatted with FAT32 file system. This system lacks reliability, which increases the risk of losing mail.

Unlike FAT32, NTFS file system is logged; its log contains the list of modifications and in a large measure helps to maintain file system integrity in case of failure.

Another great advantage of NTFS compared to FAT32 is the option to have an unlimited message base. For FAT disks, maximum volume of message folder is 2Gb, while users with NTFS are not limited by such bounds.

In order to change the file system of a portable carrier you need to format it. You should take into account that during the process of formatting all information stored on this carrier is deleted. Your mobile device is formatted in the following way: in “My Computer” (“Computer”) menu right-click the portable device and choose “Format…” in the contextual menu that appears. From the list of available file systems pick NTFS and check the “quick formatting” box. XP users should enable the device’s cache before formatting and disable it afterwards. Otherwise, NTFS formatting will not be available.

Once again, we draw your attention – all data stored on the portable device is deleted during formatting; that’s why you should be sure that the information that is important for you is saved on your HDD. And, of course, you need to format it before installing The Bat! Voyager. If the program is already installed, you should copy “Voyager” folder to your hard drive, format the portable device and copy this folder back. The Bat! Voyager should not be working during these manipulations.

In case if you have enough skills and access rights, you can convert your device’s file system using Command Prompt (convert ‹disk letter›: /fs:ntfs). In fact, this operation is similar to the above mentioned procedure, but it does not require your direct participation. You should have enough space on your portable drive for converting its file system. It is also useful to have a backup copy of your information.

In order to avoid losing email you should follow some safety tips while working with the portable device. NTFS devices should not be extracted without “Safely Remove Hardware” message. If the OS reports that the device cannot be disconnected, you should close all programs and windows that can interact with the device. If this doesn’t help and the cause can’t be identified, you should turn off the computer through Windows menu and disconnect the device after the computer is turned off.