The Bat! 5.0.16 – regular update

We have updated a couple of things from v5.0.14.
Here is a complete list:

[*] Plain text parts with size over 100K are no longer rendered as HTML to avoid memory overload
[-] (#0008757) Access violation fixed while trying to move the sent mail into the IMAP-Sent-Folder.
[-] Fixed duplicating new messages in the list when new messages arrive into the folder being viewed
[-] (#0008366) Saving a message does not put progress window on top of “Save as” dialog anymore (under WinXP)
[-] (#0008743) Issue with program start when it is already launched is resolved
[-] New messages are now handled correctly by Mail Ticker
[-] (#0008673) Focused messages are not reselected upon changing threading mode
[-] Local IMAP folders are now skipped during periodical/manual message downloading

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