The Bat! Voyager update

We are happy to release a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client. There are several improvements and fixes compared to the previous edition. The complete list can be found below:

[*] Better reporting of errors while loading string container from stream (EOutOfMemory issue)
[*] Expanded debugging information if The Bat! does not start
[-] Read-filters did not trigger from the separate window viewer when it was closed on a message that was just read
[-] Various issues with ViewModes have been resolved
[-] (#0008793) SendTo Windows Shell command was not working for multiple files when the program was not running
[-] Memory leaks when "failed to load" message header from index file have been fixed(EOutOfMemory issue)
[-] TBufReaderStream and TBufStream now correctly seek from the end of file
[-] Resolved out of memory while expanding memory stream (trying to allocate stream with negative capacity because MS Exchange says that size of message part is BIGGER then size of the whole message)
[-] Message finder correctly "matches" only ANSIstrings
[-] (#0008789) Setting maximum message age limits to MailTicker was hiding all messages
[-] Fixed range check error while reloading icons
[-] AV when creating desktop shortcut after installation
[-] Default filter no longer causes memory leak
[-] Some filters can shift position in TBN-file which cause errors while loading virtual folders (EOutOfMemory issue)
[-] (#0008811) Failing to print from The Bat! with a blank Document Name/Title has been corrected
[-] Filter in virtual folder can now access separately saved attachments
[-] Range check no longer brings up an error message while creating process snapshot
[-] Fixed importing from LDIF, some values no longer replaced with #1#2#3'Binary'#3#2#1

Download The Bat! Voyager