The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition - holiday present from RITLabs

 It has become a good tradition for us to create a special version of our email program in the end of every year. Year 2011 is not an exception: The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition is ready – and its time has come. 
 Developers concentrated their efforts on fixing bugs, but there's still a series of improvements. An option of copying and pasting multiple filters from/to clipboard was added. Filter creation dialog now has new options. New Plugin API features were added. Now there are options to specify time format for the message list and to not show message time after the date in the message list. The Bat is now able to handle Certificate Request Files (PKCS#10). A new macro, %VALIDFILECHARS, takes an argument and replaces invalid characters to underscore (or character from the second argument). It is useful in Sorting Office filters that create folders and use other macros like %OSUBJ as folder name. "Certum Trusted Network CA" root certificate was added to the list of trusted root certificates. IMAP was upgraded with a fine-tune option to resend IDLE command each 30 seconds that may be useful if a router in between closes idle TCP/IP connections. Finally, US English interface language is now available in addition to British English. 
 As mentioned above, many bugs were fixed while working on this Winter Edition. Complete list of changes can be found here
 RITLabs team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the Winter Edition bring you luck that will be with you all year long! 
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