The Bat! Voyager - an update of the portable e-mail client

After releasing The Bat! v5.0.32 now presents RITLabs The Bat! Voyager v5.0.32.1 - the portable version of the new The Bat! The list of changes you will find here:

What's new since

[-] (#0008959) Missing string "Download Folder Contents task" in CC queue
[-] (#0008985) Translated labels in QR Code Generator are wrongly positioned
[-] (#0008990) Option "Do not store password, prompt for mail retrieval" is enabled by default when creating new account
[-] (0008646) /EXPORT command line parameter gave "Invalid pointer operation" error
[-] Fixed Access Violation error when adding or viewing untrusted Root certificates during a TLS connection
[-] Scheduler event cannot be deleted after execution (dirty fix)
[-] Scheduler event cannot be auto-deleted after execution
[-] IMAP. Some servers are known to return 0 as UIDNEXT (resulting infinite counter update)
[+] "Print Preview" - big icon
[-] Changed https to http, now redirecting on the techsupport site works properly.