The Bat! 5.1 - handier than ever

New version of The Bat! email program is launched by Ritlabs, SRL.

The most important new features of The Bat! 5.1 are Inbox Analyzer, image download manager, message tags, hints, external HTML viewing module and Multi-SMTP option. These and other improvements of The Bat! 5.1 are described below.

Inbox Analyzer

Inbox Analyzer is a new mechanism that helps users to handle emails more efficiently. It analyzes the correspondence stored in the Inbox, divides messages into groups depending on its senders and date and offers suitable actions to users. With the Inbox Analyzer users can sort messages to folders and create an efficient set of filters that will sort messages in future - from scratch and in no time at all.

Thus, the Inbox Analyzer will divide all messages into "Correspondents" (person-to-person messages), "Mailing lists" (communication in groups) and "Newsletters" (informative messages that don't require replies) and will offer to move these messages to certain folders, creating them if needed. More to that, basing on the results of the analysis, Inbox Analyzer will offer to create filters to sort newly received messages, as well as to divide each of the abovementioned groups into current and old messages, moving old ones to the Archive folder.

The results of Inbox Analyzer work are shown in a separate window and users can change them according to their own preferences. The Analyzer helps to sort and filter messages quickly, but its actions are just recommendations, final decision always being the user's exclusive prerogative. Besides, users can manually set up the Inbox Analyzer to their needs - for example, to create their own sorting groups.

Image Download Manager

In The Bat! 5.1 image download can be controlled much easier. Image download manager is equipped with the option of creating various rules, blocking or allowing image download according to their URL, folder or sender. Thus, users can block images in the Newsletter folder or get rid of the most annoying banners by their URL.


In The Bat! 5.1, the developers implemented the option of adding tags to messages. Now every message can be tagged with one or more marks of any content - "Friends", "Work", "Important" etc. This can be done manually or automatically - by creating corresponding rules. After adding "Tags" column to the message list, users can view these tags and grade message list using them.


The Bat!'s intuitive interface makes it possible to start working with it right away after the installation. However, there is an option of activating pop-up hints that can be helpful to entry-level users. These hints contain active elements - for example, from the hint that appears on pointing at a certain folder users can compact this folder or change its properties; if the cursor is held over an address, the hint will offer to add it to the Address Book, etc. Users can set up various parameters of these hints - display mode, duration, place, etc. If not required, hints can be switched off.

External HTML viewing module

Now in The Bat! there is also an option of viewing HTML messages using the external module based on the Windows Internet Explorer system browser core. Users can choose which module - built-in or system-based - satisfies their needs best or just switch between these two modules.


Developers added Multi-SMTP support - now users can define multiple SMTP servers for one account and choose among them. This function is helpful to those who use The Bat! Voyager, the portable version of the software; it can also help if the PC is relocated or some SMTP servers are blocked.

In The Bat! 5.1, the developers added English (US) as a new interface language. From now on, there will be English (US) and English (UK) available.

Among other The Bat! 5.1 improvements it is worth mentioning better functionality of the internal image viewer - it can now print images and has other related functions. Network engineers will appreciate extended logging of POP3 and IMAP sessions that allows finding setup problems fast and easy. Sorting Office can now process groups of filters at the same time. Encryption was also improved - developers added PGP 8, 9 and 10 support.

There is one more significant detail - starting with 5.1, The Bat! continues working after the 30-day trial period expires. The only exception is that connections for incoming and outgoing mail are switched off. Thus, users have access to the program and to message bases - messages and Address Book entries can be read, printed, exported, etc.