The Bat! 5.2 - update

Ritlabs, SRL brings you The Bat! 5.2, a regular update of the program. In this version we’ve added some new features, fixed some bugs that appeared in v5.1 and improved several existing program mechanisms.

It is now possible to quick-search folders in the folder selection dialogue – this will help users that have lots of folders. In the same dialogue you can now access tabs with folder sets. This version introduces folder re-filtering profiles – you can save certain rule sets and settings into profiles and assign hotkeys for calling them.

Sorting Office filter that adds/deletes addresses to/from address book can now extract target addresses from message body, not only from its headers. New filter action, “Clear All Tags”, is available; by using it, you can automatically clear every single tag that was previously added to a message. System folders (Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc.) can have their own settings, just like ordinary folders. Message list columns became easier to handle – double clicking on a separator expands column to fit its contents.

Complete list of improvements and fixes can be found here.