The Bat! on Touch Screen

The new version of the secure email client The Bat! 6.6 supports Windows Touch technology on desktops and laptops with touch screen as well as hybrid devices and Windows 8 tablets. This will enable The Bat! users to be more productive with email correspondence, using a broader range of devices.

The Bat! can now handle large volumes of data much quicker. Using the program for hours and sending large emails does not influence computer overall speed and performance. The backup process in The Bat! takes much less time and loads less computer’s processor.

The context menu of the message list is now twice shorter, and the most frequently used features are in the forefront. There are more ways to display emails: now the users can group messages by the email address. Messages from one email address but different sender’s names are now grouped into one thread – this makes it easier to find the needed message.

The Bat! 6.6 supports more RSS versions – 0.91, 0.92, 1.0. It means the users have more choice among news feeds.

The Bat! users now have the possibility to use an external spelling check system ORFO 2014. This is a commercial application which points typos and suggests the correct variant. If the user adds a word to the dictionary, the system shows its declension or conjugation variants and defines its part of speech.

The program displays now correctly emails from Eastern Asia which contain Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters even if the sender’s program composed them violating ISO-2022 standard.

Stable performance is also the result of error correction. Data encryption using external modules PGP 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 now works correctly. The program displays immediately imported address book groups; there are also some other minor error corrections.

The entire list of changes in The Bat! 6.6 you will find here.