The Bat! v8.7 Christmas Edition

The new version of The Bat! – "8.7 Christmas Edition", brings lots of interface and usability improvements.

Users can now search and remove duplicate contacts in the address books. This is particularly helpful with big address books containing lots of groups and contacts. The new wizard allows comparing duplicate entries, edit them and retain the needed ones.

There are several usability improvements related to the message list. When a user clicks on a message in the columns "Tags" and "Color group", a pop-up menu with the respective items appears on the screen. This saves time and extra clicks when it is necessary to assign tags or color groups to messages. A click in the "Memo" column invokes the memo editor.

The Tags editor has been reworked too. It is now easier than ever to create custom tags, edit and assign them to messages.

Another nice addition is the ability to drag-n-drop items in the header fields ("To:", "CC:", "BCC:", "Subject:", etc) within the message editor window.

There are many other improvements in The Bat! v8.7, please refer to the entire list of changes.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Bat! v8.7 Christmas Edition