The Dark theme is here!

The Bat! joins the Dark Side: the new version with its Choco Dark theme offers the most impressive redesign in the history of our email client!

The dark theme has been a popular feature request among The Bat! users. We have always appreciated our clients’ feedback. So we did it!

When you first launch The Bat! v9.3 the program will prompt you to make a choice between its classic theme and a dark one. For Windows 10 users there is a possibility to use the system’s setting: The Bat! chooses a theme depending on the Windows light or dark mode. There is an undeniable positive side of the dark theme: it certainly reduces eye strain in low-light conditions.

There is more to discover: The Bat! has gained 7 more themes in addition to our favorite Choco Dark. Check them out and choose your best. You can set a theme using the “Options -> Theme” menu.

The new version comes out with further interface improvements as well. It is now possible to resize and send the “Re-filter” window to the background. The search pane in the message preview was redesigned as well. We have also brushed up default and first-time run settings to make The Bat! even more intuitive. Smoother loading and better display of HTML messages, improvements for the HTML editor as well as some minor error fixes contribute to a better experience with The Bat!

The Bat! has always been one of the most powerful and at the same time easy-to-use tools for email management. With a set of new themes it has become even more user-friendly, and we hope you will enjoy it!

Download The Bat! v9.3