The Bat! v10: calendar, renewed address book and much more

We have lately received a number of queries on The Bat! v10 new features and its release date, so today we are ready to share this important information!

Emailing has become a common part of our life, so the ultimate goal of The Bat! developers is to ensure an effective and easy email management. The Bat! v10 takes one more step towards the productivity improvement.

What new features will The Bat! v10 offer?


Calendar is one of the most popular feature requests among The Bat! users. You will be able to receive invitations in the .ics format and add them to your calendar in The Bat! v10. Moreover, you will be able to send out your own invitations to the events. The Bat! v10 will support the CalDAV protocol which allows synchronizing events with the server. Thus, it will be possible to sync with Google Calendar. The new calendar will completely replace the scheduler and will certainly fulfill users’ expectations.

Renewed Address Book

We have completely reworked and updated the design of the address book in The Bat! v10, and you will certainly enjoy the new look-and-feel. We have worked on its ergonomics to increase communication speed between the user and the address book.

MailTicker. Reimagined

MailTicker – is a unique distinctive The Bat! feature. We have completely reimagined the concept of the MailTicker in The Bat! v10. No doubt the new MailTicker will please all the users and contribute to a more effective email (and not only email) management. Unfortunately, we cannot share all the details about the new MailTicker today, but we are certainly going to do it as soon as we are ready.

When is The Bat! v10 expected to be released? It will be released in the autumn of 2021!

When will it be possible to purchase The Bat! v10 key? It is possible just right now!

The users who purchased The Bat! license from June 1, 2021 onwards are eligible to take advantage of the free upgrade program – Smart Upgrade!

What does the Smart Upgrade program mean? This program implies that all The Bat! v9 keys purchased from June 1, 2021 onwards will also be valid for The Bat! v10.

Moreover, all the users who participate in the Smart Upgrade program, will have the possibility to take part in The Bat! v10 beta-testing. This allows them to try out all the new features and contribute to a quicker release of the new version. We will certainly announce the start of The Bat! v10 beta-testing when the time comes.

If you purchased The Bat! v9 license before June 1, 2021, you will not be able to participate in the Smart Upgrade program, however, we will provide you with a 70% discount to purchase the upgrade to The Bat! v10!

These are the main new features of The Bat! v10. We have many more ideas and will keep you up to date on any changes in the new version. We will take a bit of a deeper dive into the new features in The Bat! v10 soon, stay tuned!