The Bat! Voyager v9.4.4: the new version is released!

We have released the long-awaited new version of the portable email client The Bat! Voyager v9.4.4.

This version of The Bat! Voyager includes all the new features and improvements of the email client The Bat! The users of The Bat! Voyager can now take the advantage of the new HTML Editor. It is now possible to edit the source HTML code – both in the editor and in the templates (see the “Tools” menu). Moreover, Voyager can now switch from Plain Text to HTML editor once the user applies HTML formatting or adds an image into the email body. The new option “Display HTML-related message parts as attachments” is also worth mentioning: if you disable it, you will not see such email parts as Message.html and embedded pictures on the attachment pane.

One of the important improvements is the updated Image Download Manager. It is a tool for background image retrieval which prevents malware from reaching your computer through graphic elements of HTML messages. It blocks the suspicious images and lets the safe ones through. To access it, use the “Tools -> Image Download Manager”. You can add your own rules to allow or deny image retrieval by URL, folder or sender’s email address. To access the rules, you can also use the “Edit” button in the “Options -> Preferences -> Viewer/Editor -> HTML Viewer” menu.

We have also updated Chromium Engine version which is used for viewing HTML messages. Images that are downloaded from external media are stored in the local cache, and it is now possible to check this cache size and to clear it in the “Options -> Preferences -> Viewer/Editor -> HTML Viewer” menu.

To use the portable secure version The Bat! Voyager, you would need to possess The Bat! Professional license.

Download The Bat! Voyager v9.4.4:

More info on The Bat! Voyager: