Setting up Gmail in The Bat!

Starting from May 30, 2022 Google will no longer support authentication methods that use username and password to access the account. It will be possible to connect to Gmail accounts using more secure technologies, like OAuth 2.0.

The users of The Bat! will continue connecting to their Gmail accounts without any difficulties – the email client supports the authorization protocol OAuth 2.0, which is required by Google.

How to enable OAuth 2.0 for Gmail accounts in The Bat!?

In the latest 10th versions of The Bat!, the new Gmail accounts that are created in the program use the authorization protocol OAuth 2.0 by default, so no additional changes to the settings are needed. If you use The Bat! v10, but Gmail accounts were created much earlier in older versions, you would need to switch to OAuth 2.0 in the account properties.

These are the steps to switch to OAuth 2.0 for The Bat! v10 users:

1. Select your Gmail account

2. Access the „Account → Properties → Transport” menu

3. Press the “Authentication” button in the Receive mail section

4. Switch to the option “OAUTH (using Web Browser)” and save changes

5. Get new mail in your Gmail account – the standard web-browser window will open, where you should grant The Bat! access to your Gmail account

6. Copy the authorisation code

7. Switch back to The Bat! window and insert the copied code into the “Authorization Code/URL” field, click OK

That’s it! The account will now connect to Gmail servers, using the authorization protocol OAuth 2.0.

The owners of The Bat! v9 licenses will also be able to connect to Gmail using OAuth 2.0, the only difference is that they will need to open the system browser to get the code by pressing the respective button:

The owners of older versions (v8 and earlier) will not be able to connect to Gmail anymore. To continue using Gmail accounts in The Bat!, you would need to update the program to the latest version.

The owners of any older version of The Bat! have the chance to upgrade their licenses with a 50% discount. If you possess a license for The Bat! V9, you can purchase the upgrade with a 70% discount: