The Bat! Voyager v10.0.12: the new version has been released!

We are excited to inform you that the long-awaited portable version The Bat! Voyager v10 has been released!

All new features and improvements of The Bat! v10, with the only exception being the automatic update, are available in the new version of The Bat! Voyager. The Bat! Voyager v10.0.12 offers a brand new tool for event management, and namely the Calendar. The users of the portable email client will now be able to accept or decline invitations in the .ics format, create their own events in the calendar as well as send out invitations to correspondents. The modern interface offers an easy and quick management of calendar events (for example, users can change the duration or date of the event using the mouse). Note that the events of each account are displayed with a certain color – this speeds up the navigation in the new tool. We will continue improving the calendar in the next versions of The Bat! Voyager, thus we plan to implement the support of the CalDAV protocol to sync events with the server.

The renewed address book is now available to the users of the portable version of The Bat! as well. You can now add as many phone numbers as needs – there is no limit as it was in the old interface. The users will even be able to add custom labels to email addresses and phone numbers (like, home or business, etc.) in the future versions. Note: if you now add the birthday in the properties of a contact, The Bat! creates an event with the notification in the new Calendar – this you will not miss any birthday!

The users of Gmail should note that The Bat! Voyager v10.0.12 supports the secure technology OAuth 2.0, which is used to connect to Google servers. You will be able to continue managing Gmail accounts in the new version, despite the changes on Google servers.

The Bat! v10 as well as The Bat! Voyager v10 support the secure protocol TLS 1.2, which is now required by and GMX, so the users of these services will continue working with the accounts without any issues.

To use the portable secure version The Bat! Voyager, you would need to possess The Bat! Professional license. Remember that the users who purchased their license before June 1, 2021, would need to purchase an upgrade to use The Bat! Voyager v10.

If you purchased The Bat! v9 before June 1, 2021, you will not be able to participate in the Smart Upgrade program, however, you can purchase an upgrade with a 70% discount! If your license is valid for any older version, you can purchase the upgrade with a 50% discount!

Download The Bat! Voyager v10.0.12:

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