RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.65.03

New year - new version. This time round we concentrated on fixing as many bugs as possible, thus improving the programme's overall stability and functionality.

However, we have not forgotten to implement new useful features. The "Minimize on close option" (under Options/Preferences/General) is there for those users of The Bat! who keep it running 24/7 and prefer to minimise the programme to System Tray instead of closing it upon clicking the "Close" button.

As usual, updating to the latest version of the programme is easy: there is no need in uninstalling your existing copy of The Bat! - just install the new version over. All the settings, messages and address books will be preserved.

Download of the Professional and Home versions.


What's new in The Bat! v3.65.03 (compared to v3.64)?

[           Legend:          ]
[ ! Major Improvement        ]
[ + Added feature            ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope)      ]

[+] Minimize on close option
[-] (#0005580) VF search (filter) in 'Text' does not work at all
[-] (#0005582) Autocomplete suggestion list box doesn't disappear, when user fills not matching part of name
[-] (#0005553) When user enters text and autocompletes it in header field, everything disappears after pressing "Enter"
[-] (#0005559) Browsing virtual folder via "Enter" key or menu item doesn't work
[-] (#0005562) AV then I close without close messages source
[-] (#0005565) Groupbox Options in Folder - Properties
[-] (#0005566) Sound tab in folder properties
[-] (#0004852) Sometimes messages don't filtered in Inbox
[-] (#0005563) AV and runtime error after creating new IMAP folder
[-] (#0005557) Lock up when searching "any part" using VF
[-] (#0005502) F1 doesn't work in message view (not main window)
[-] IMAP filtering
[-] IMAP message list retrieval
[-] Import from MS Office 2000 Outlook and earlier didn't work in The Bat! since version 2.05.
[*] Better error logging for MAPI Exchange connections.
[-] When importing messages from MS Outlook or retrieving from MS Exchange server via MAPI, transport message headers (RFC-822) weren't preserved for messages delivered by SMTP.