RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.80

To cut a long story short - here is a new version of The Bat!, fresh and young, but experienced and still promising.

The new customiser is a real breakthrough! User-friendly, intuitive and powerful. It's redesigned almost from nothing, but it's worth it.

The folder properties look different now, resembling the account properties window making it easier to remember for new users as well as giving a new breath for the experienced ones.

Some more changes have also been done to the Search function, Sorting Office, Message Editor and IMAP.

Bugs. Yes, you are right, we couldn't forget about fixing them. And so we did!

Updating to the latest version of the programme is easy: there is no need in uninstalling your existing copy of The Bat! - just install the new version over. All the settings, messages and address books will be preserved.

Users of the Home Edition should also update the International Pack.

Download of the Professional and Home versions.


What's new in The Bat! v3.80.03 (compared to v3.71.03)?

[           Legend:          ]
[ ! Major Improvement        ]
[ + Added feature            ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope)      ]

[!] New interface customiser with rich capabilities
[*] Folder properties re-design
[*] 'Sorting office' re-design
[+] Filters: Ignore and read option for Selective download Filters
[+] "Load remote messages" command to queue loading of all unread (or selected) messages that were not downloaded from IMAP server at once.
[*] Message Editor: AB template is invoked the same once another header field is selected
[*] First four search scopes in message finder made persistent
[*] The "Display message groups as messages..." option
[-] (#0005663) Stop messages search not recognized
[-] (#0005742) LDAP Addressbook search could cause AVs
[-] (#0004722) Virtual Folders not showing all messages it should
[-] (#0004597) Backuping IMAP mails fails....
[-] (#0005751) Message list header has white background when using multiple sort
[-] (#0005757) Character set of the message changed in a VF is not saved
[-] (#0003157) Addressing a message to event's linked Address Book entries was not possible in a scheduled action of message creation
[-] (#0005555) Many duplicates in "Disable opening files" field in Protection section of Preferences dialog
[-] (#0005730) "Regexp too long" when opening attachments
[-] (#0005724) Scheduler actions for Sending/Receiving mail was not working
[-] (#0005793) (Beta) Option to send messages generated with filter actions was ignored
[-] (#0005374) roughly-estimated attachment size shown as exact.
[-] (#0004054) Errors while importing LDIF go to EXCEPT.LOG and do not cancel the entire process
[*] (#0004197) RFC-2231 is now supported for received messages
[-] (#0005550) Moving a filter in the filter tree could make another filter selected
[-] (#0005769) It was not possible to Use links to address groups in the "Wath&Send files" action
[-] (#0005390) Problem with Windows-1258 character set
[-] (#0005578) A cosmetic issue in the Account Properties dialogue
[-] (#0005782) Cosmetic bug in MicroEd caused text "leftover" when font's character set was changed
[-] (#0005769) Watch and Send files action was not sending one file when multiple files were sent separately
[-] (#0005817) Wrong button positioning in the Folder Properties dialogue when large fonts were used
[-] (#0005820) Sorting Office resize bug
[-] (#0005812) commas in pop: and imap: URIs weren't %-coded
[-] filename added to EXCEPT.LOG message when failed to create a LDAP#x.ABD file
[-] SMTP Auth was reset if account "created" by an existing one.
[-] IMAP: remote outbox fixes