RITLabs releases BatPost v2.20 mail server

The new version of the BatPost mail server is out. We have been working on the server over a year managing to implement many useful features and fixing minor bugs. Below we will take a closer look at the main new features.

We have added the Sieve-script that allows setting message filters on the server. With its help it is possible to sort messages into different folders, check the antispam and antivirus logs... Details.

The SMTP-script allows a user to set a sieve-script via e-mail. Later on we plan to add some more features concerning that section.

Now it is possible to set the account (mailbox) size and traffic limit.

Messages and session are assigned unique identifiers so that it is much easier to trace a message going through the server as well as troubleshoot problems.

There is a new way of storing mail on the server. One and the same account can now be accessed from different locations.

Lately, spammers are attacking servers with the purpose of picking up addresses (spammer database) more and more often. Therefore, the server can sustain a pause before responding to the RCPT TO command if there is an attempt to pick up e-mail addresses.

User accounts can now become obsolete, in other words they will be blocked if there is no activity for a certain period of time.

Another good news is the Administrator's Manual in English.

Updating to the latest version of the programme is easy: there is no need in uninstalling your existing copy of BatPost - just install the new version over. All the settings, messages and address books will be preserved.

Download the new version from here.

What's new in v2.20r1 (compared to v2.10r3)?

[           Legend:                     ]
[ + Added feature                  ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope)          ]

[+] Server. Sieve script added
[+] Server. SMTP script added
[+] $export added to mail-list/aliases/CC
[+] Added domain and user quotas
[+] Added ability to keep archive of all messages which appear in spool
[-] IMAP. LIST command correctly process specific patterns (RegExp bug)
[*] IMAP. LIST command rejects too complex patterns
[*] Server. Message ID is now a 64-bit unique number
[*] Server. Daemon ID is now a 64-bit unique number
[*] Server. Log format changed to be more parser-friendly
[+] Server. Message ID is now present in "Received" header
[+] rConfig. Interface added for cofiguring LPost, RPop, Control and Pcp logs splitting
[-] Server. Fixed spool clearing when negative reply received from server after message was sent. (MSG-file was locked and cannot be deleted)
[+] Server. "Subject" from message header can be logged in SMTP.LOG
[*] Server. RPOP.LOG include more detailed information about mail retrieval
[+] Server. RemotePOP has an option to keep messages on server
[+] rConfig. Controls added to configure message management in RemotePOP
[*] More informative DNS error messages
[-] rConfig. Rules testing fixed
[-] rConfig. Displaying of ErrorString in IP/Host rules fixed
[-] Server. Rules processing fixed
[+] SMTP. Delay before RCPT TO reply to prevent address collecting
[*] Server. Strings in RemotePOP CC now trimmed before use
[*] Server. Maximum length of the queue of pending connections is set to SOMAXCONN
[+] IMAP. STATUS command extended with alive counters
[+] Accounts can now have expiration date
[+] Maximum number of recipients per message can be limited
[+] Domains and user accounts can override maximum number of recipients per message
[+] SMTP mailing (local and relay) rigths added to user settings