Ritlabs has released The Bat! Voyager PRO

Protect Your Email and All of Your Files When You Travel

Ritlabs has released The Bat! Voyager PRO, a secure version of its popular Windows email client software that protects your email, and all of your critical files, when you're on the road. The email software is pre-loaded onto a 256Mb secure flash drive. The unique Disk Firewall Feature from Dekart adds extra protection, ensuring that your data can't be accessed by either human intruders or virus attacks.

The Disk Firewall Feature adds application-level protection to your files. Hacker and virus protection ensure that attacks on your computer won't compromise your privacy. You can continue to access your data as part of your job, but outsiders are prevented from using copy programs to capture your valuable information.

Simply carry The Bat! Voyager PRO flash drive with you when you travel, and you'll be able to process your emails from your hotel room, from clients' offices, or from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection.

Your address book and email messages are just a click away, no matter what computer you're using. Simply insert your Voyager flash drive into the USB port, and you have private email at your fingertips. No information is left on the computer that you use, and your private information remains private.

All sensitive information is encrypted on the fly using Ritlabs' proven SecureBat technology. If you lose your flash drive, you don't lose your privacy, because all of your information is encrypted. SecureBat and the Disk Firewall Feature combine to protect all of your data from intruders.

Voyager includes all of the technology from the latest version (v3) of The Bat! Professional. In addition to the features that you'd expect in a professional email program, the program offers Virtual Folder technology to help you organize your email even more effectively.

Whether you're a business person who needs to send and receive emails and process office documents securely from your clients' computers, a student who needs to stay in contact with colleagues when using the school's computers, or a home user who wants to send emails when on holiday or vacation, The Bat! Voyager PRO has the tools that you need.

The Bat! Voyager PRO costs $79(US) for a single-user license. The program runs under Windows, and the flash drive is fully USB 2.0 compatible. You can purchase Voyager online at