The Bat! and Windows Vista

RITLabs plans to release a new version of The Bat! Certified under the "Works with Vista" logo before Microsoft publishes the final release of Windows Vista.

The Bat! will be compatible with such Windows Vista features as Windows Aero theme with Flip 3D, that provides live thumbnails to make it easier to quickly identify the window you want, particularly when multiple windows of the same kind are open; User Account Control (UAC), a security feature that allows interactive users to run with a standard user account, which gives them access to only a limited set of permissions and privileges; Windows Resource Protection (WRP), that protects Windows read-only resources (specifically OS files, folders, and registry keys that are non-configurable by design); Default Programs UI, which is a new infrastructure to manage per user file and protocol associations with applications.

The Bat! will also support IPv6, which is enabled by default in the Windows Vista TCP/IP stack.

Additionally, The Bat! will detect whether the system processor (CPU) supports the Execute Disable Bit to make use of advanced virus protection, and will inform the user whether Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is configured in Windows settings.

The Bat! and Windows Vista