Animated cursor flaw discovered for Windows - no worry for The Bat! users

If there's a hole to be found in Windows, the bad guys will find it, and the latest one is definitely unique. A vulnerability in all versions of Windows, including Vista, has been found in how the operating systems handle animated cursors, according to a Microsoft security advisory.

The exploit works either by a Web page or e-mail message that contain the malicious code. One need not even open an e-mail, merely previewing it would be enough for the code to be executed.

This would allow for what's called a "drive-by installation," where code is installed on the user's computer without them even knowing it. The computer could then become part of a botnet or some other malicious code could be dropped into the computer without the user knowing it.

You can learn more about this threat here and here.

RITLabs assures The Bat! users that they have nothing to be afraid of. The Bat! does not download animated cursors from the attachments while showing the pages, that's why this threat is not dangerous for The Bat! users.