The Bat! 3.99 – new horizons

RITLabs launched a new version of The Bat! – one of the most popular mail clients. In the new version, The Bat! 3.99, you will find all the functionalities of the program brought to even higher quality level and some useful innovations.

With The Bat!’s help you can effectively protect your private information – letters and contacts – from unsolicited intrusion of any kind. As in previous versions, The Bat! 3.99 encryption option for messages and address book will not let any unauthorized person access your data. No malware can ever access your computer through The Bat! – powerful integrated antivirus protection will not grant access to malicious codes of any kind. Unlike many other mail clients, The Bat! does not use a whole number of built-in operation system components, replacing them with its own mechanisms; that totally excludes the possibility of compromising our mail client through vulnerabilities of the operating system. Thus, The Bat! uses its own HTML viewer – its own image viewer, its own mechanism of processing attachments.

Besides antivirus protection, The Bat! renders integrated antispam shield. BayesIt!, one of the most reliable mechanisms of fighting against unsolicited email messages, is enabled by default in The Bat!, sieving spam and letting only solicited mail into your inbox.

The Bat! also helps to save a considerable part of your day that is now spent for correspondence. You will not have to sort your mail manually drag-and-dropping letters from one folder to another, for this task we have effective mechanisms of sorting and filtering. There are no such goals that can’t be solved by The Bat!’s Sorting Office. It not only sorts incoming, outgoing, read and replied messages to folders, but also can auto-respond, reply with a custom template, forward, redirect, print, or export messages, send reading confirmations, run an external program, and much more. Moreover, The Bat! will help you in your battle for spare time with its templates for each occasion. Templates support a wide range of macros letting you create any letter, from the most simple to the most sophisticated. You can use them for generating new letters, replies, forwarded messages etc. You can use the time saved by The Bat! for something more pleasant and useful.

An important step in The Bat! development is obtaining “Certified for Vista” logo. That logo means that all functions of The Bat! will be present while working under Windows Vista and that all Vista’s mechanisms are fully compatible with our mail client. The Bat! is the first mail client that obtained such a recognition from Microsoft Corporation.

All these features, together with intuitive design, improved backup mechanism and many other opportune introductions make The Bat! 3.99 even more convenient for any user.

Among the novelties added in this version we can mention improved backup archive processing – even huge archives (more than 2Gb) are now correctly processed. We added new sorting and re-sorting possibilities. Speed of working with attachments was substantially increased. Besides, we introduced animated smiles.

Full list of improvements can be found here.