The Bat! 3.99.24 – final preparations for 4.0

The work on The Bat! 4.0 is in full swing, every single day bringing its birth closer. However, before proceeding to a new digit we bring forward a new version of the third generation – The Bat! 3.99.24.

This new version has several important improvements. Thus, The Bat! 3.99.24 is perfectly compatible with two or more displays connected to the same computer, rendering users the possibility to organize and customize their workplaces according to their preferences, for example viewing an original message on one monitor and reply on another one. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) mechanism processing is now easier to understand – now The Bat! contains detailed description of this feature in the About window and gives recommendations how to enable DEP if for some reason it is disabled. Version 3.99.24 benefits of the improved mechanism of filter storing which reduces the probability of filter loss during system failures. Moreover, this version of the program supports new versions of GnuPG cryptographic software (1.4.7 and further). The Bat! users will also appreciate the improvements in the user interface which make S/MIME encryption and signatures less sophisticated and more comfortable.

Among other improvements we should mention that The Bat! 3.99.24 works with Terminal Server in its “native” mode, not wasting system resources for loading additional compatibility modules. For the other programs that are not adapted for Terminal Server, the server loads special compatibility modules at the cost of speed and system resources. Besides, if any add-on module (anti-virus, anti-spam) causes Access Violation Exception failures at launching or initializing, The Bat! will exclude the problems that appear in these modules by clearing the list of the connected modules. In further versions The Bat! will verify the “Authenticode” digital signatures of the add-on modules before their launch.

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