The Bat! 4.0 – e-communication at its best

RITLabs brings to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-communication program is to be presented to the general public at the earliest possible date. Currently the final arrangements are made for the release of The Bat! 4.0 version. The newest release is cardinally better than any previous version of the program. The modifications concern various aspects of the program functionality making this version as convenient as possible for every user. Before launching this new version it is suitable to dwell upon each of the major innovations.

The largest-scale changes were made in The Bat!’s interface. Users will see a totally new program. Together with Artem Gorbunov design bureau we created a modern interface that facilitates e-communication via The Bat! 4.0 and further releases. The new design affects every single item of the program from the main window to the smallest dialog boxes. However, we left the classic interface of the program for our most devoted users.

The work with macros is significantly simplified. The Bat! was always renowned for its wide support of macros used for message templates and filters creation, but this option was often neglected. In The Bat! 4.0 macros become generally accessible and understandable. Now each group of macros has its own color, each macro is presented in the user’s language instead of macro language (for example, “Recipient’s first name” instead of “%TOFName”). We hope that this new form of macros processing will help every user of The Bat! 4.0 and further versions in creating message templates and filters.

The Bat! 4.0 is equipped with an improved account wizard. Now it creates the user accounts automatically basing on the e-mail addresses introduced by users. There is no more need to key in the addresses of incoming and outgoing mail servers and other information. Users just provide their e-mail – then The Bat! 4.0 makes everything on its own.

In addition, we introduced message labels in the new version. If in previous releases users only had possibility to add a flag to the message in order to mark it, then The Bat! 4.0 gives users a new option of creating labels with one or many keywords (for example, “Work”, “Advice”, “Comment” etc.). This label is seen in “Subject” field. Users also have at their disposal a wide color pattern and can bind any color with any label.

Screenshots for each of these four articles will be available soon. Basing on these screenshots every user will be able to form his or her personal opinion about this new interface and functionalities.

See you in the new version!