The Bat! 5.0 – upgrade policy

We are happy to inform our users that starting December, 23, 2010 you can pre-purchase license keys for version 5.x.x. Users that purchase licenses after December, 23, will receive keys that work with versions 4.x.x, 5.x.x and 6.0.

Also, on December 23, if you upgrade from any previous version to 5.x.x you will receive a 30% discount from our regular price. Users that have pre-ordered the licenses will also be able to use the unreleased 5.x.x beta version before the official release.

Upgrade policy remains the same – every user of The Bat! 4.1, and later versions, can upgrade to 5.0 without purchasing a new license. License key for 4.x.x will work with the new version 5.0.x.

The Bat! 5.1 is planned to be released in July, 2011. This new and version will feature many new innovations and it will require a new license key.