The Bat! 5 – 5/5 stars program!

RITLabs announces the launch of a new version of The Bat! email client.
In The Bat! v5 we have completely reworked the intercommunication engine. This is an important step as it allowed us to significantly improve access to email via the IMAP-protocol, to implement new search capabilities, and to display the relevant processes. These changes made the program more stable and secure.

We have also implemented folder information panels in the new version. They display the dynamically updated information of the selected mail folders. Naturally, the you can customize these options. The displayed information is interactive – it is possible to perform different functions from folders.

Continuing the theme of many innovations, we are glad to unveil the “smart” hints in this brand new The Bat! v5. Simply point the cursor at various parts of the message list or interface and with a single mouse-click execute an action from the dynamically appearing window with the list of relevant actions. “This and many other innovations, will be implemented during development of The Bat! version for touch-screen mobile devices”, - says Serghei Demcenko, RITLabs CEO, adding: “The issue of developing cross-platform applications should be transformed into the development of the cross-platform interface and “cloud” solutions”.

The Bat! has always been up at the forefront in terms of interacting with plug-ins and the new version offers even more flexibility in this area. The interface of managing plug-ins has been expanded, allowing external developers to integrate The Bat! into their solutions and to create their own plug-ins.

In The Bat! v5 we have implemented a new URL Manager. In pervious versions the user was able to block images only by hosts or by links, but now it is possible to use other criteria such as sender, recipient, folder, regular expressions, etc. To cut to the chase, all the power of The Bat!'s Sorting Office is now available in the URL Download Manager.

The Bat! is equiped with other technological innovations, one which is QR Code. The new version is able to generate and send those codes. The QR Code opens a wide range of capabilities in terms of compactness and quick data transmission to mobile devices. Data can be encoded into a small picture, which can be easily decoded by a mobile phone with a camera and/or respective software. Thus, it is possible to transmit any text – links, email addresses, phone numbers, address book contacts, etc.

The Bat! uses "Intel Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Instructions Set" to improve the speed of AES algorithm, that is used in TLS and S/MIME. Intel AES instructions are a new set of instructions implemented with the all new 2010 Intel Core processor family based on the 32nm Intel micro-architecture codenamed Westmere. To test whether your CPU supports the new instruction set, run The Bat! with /AES_BENCHMARK command line parameter, which must be the single command line parameter, and it is case-sensitive. This parameter will show the performance difference between the old and new instructions.

RITLabs team hopes that the launch of The Bat! 5 will be a pleasant and worthwhile gift to our users.

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