The Bat! v2.01 released

The Bat! v2.01 is now available. It introduces more Anti-spam options, better support of GnuPG and TLS.
+More Anti-spam options: mark as read when moved to the Junk folder, move messages to the Junk folder when marked as junk, possibility to use the common Junk folder
+Support for CAcert root certificates
+GnuPG passphrase caching. The user now can select from various signing keys available.
+Support for Microsoft Office Keyboard commands
+Address Picker: it is now possible to add addresses manually (not from Address Books)
+Possibility to set the order of actions of a scheduled event
+Possibility to control execution based on exit code of a program started by a scheduled action
*IMAP implementation should be less memory greedy now
*Advanced button is removed from the Mail Management page of the account properties dialogue - new pages are added instead
*Updates to multi-language interface
*New nicer logo
*PGP key for is included in the default keyring.
-AV when a folder was deleted from the IMAP folder manager
-IMAP: Possible problems with large literals should be avoided
-Fixed regexp matching of empty strings.
-IMAP option to fetch message structures is finally working
-Message header was not translatable
-It wasn't possible to sign keys using auxiliary IDs of GnuPG keys.
-Fixed an AV when trying to generate a certificate in a newly-created address entry.