What's new in The Bat! 3.0

Amongst all the improvements the most visually outstanding is the new look user interface. The opportunity to replace the default interface glyphs with those of your own preference has been expanded: you can now use transparent images and new formats of graphic files. You will soon be able to download alternative glyph sets from our website

The Sorting Office has a new flow chart style front end, which really simplifies the management of message filtering.

The Bat! 3.0 includes new Virtual Folder technology to help you organize your email even more effectively. This allows you to create lists of messages gathered as a cross-section from anywhere in your email database using a comprehensive filtering system.

The new Mail Chat feature allows you to communicate with your correspondents instantaneously using regular e-mail messages as an underlying technology. The strong point of this approach is that unlike other instant messenger programs, The Bat! mail chat doesn’t compromise the safety of your computer. Communication takes place through your trusted mail servers, and in addition the chat messages are checked by Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filters.

The Bat! 3.0 has a Bayesian filtering plug-in as a part of the default installation. Bayesian filtering is one of the most effective spam detection algorithms available nowadays. The BayesIt! plug-in also detects URLs used in spam messages, making filtering even more efficient. First, you must train the plug-in by feeding it spam and non-spam messages, then it will do the job for you.

You are now able to connect to Microsoft Exchange Servers using The Bat! via native MAPI protocol to fetch or send messages.

The Bat! 3.0 now has a new MSI-based digitally signed installation package. You can verify the digital signature before installing The Bat! to make sure that the program comes from a trusted source and hasn’t been modified in transit. System administrators now have the ability to deploy The Bat! easily throughout their networks.