BatPost mail server: security features


The usage of the secure authentication protocol (CRAM-MD5) excludes the transfer of passwords in plain text over the Internet, thus preventing its interception by third parties. Additionally, the majority of other authentication mechanisms are supported.


The server offers protection against malware via the anti-virus plugins. Based on the results of the incoming mail scanning the respective actions can be executed: connection release (anti-virus quarantine), disabling of message retrieval, moving the message to a certain folder. To repel the virus attacks the server offers an additional temporary black list, which defines the limit of viruses to come through from a given address within a certain period of time.

Flexible configuration storage

Thanks to the dispersed configuration data storage the mail server will not come to a halt in case of partial data corruption. In most cases damaged sections will be skipped. Therefore, if one user’s data is corrupted it will not impact the other users.

Event logging

The logging of the significant events in the server’s operation is useful in tracking of the external attacks. For instance, if a user failed to log in for 1000 times, then someone might be trying to fit the password and it would be reasonable to change it.


Rules combined with black and white lists will help prevent connections to the server from unwanted addresses. For instance, the server will accept connections only from the addresses of the local network, thus excluding any chance of external attacks.