Archived versions of The Bat!

While downloading and installing archived versions of The Bat!, please consider that these versions are currently taken out of development; issues related to them are no longer examined by our technical support service.

voyager_install-6-8-4-1.exe 25.24 MB
voyager_install_5-8-3.exe 20.25 MB
thebat_rus_5-8-8.msi 11.85 MB
thebat_pro_5-8-8.msi 24.83 MB
thebat_home_5-8-8.msi 7.15 MB
intpack_5-8-8.msi 13.46 MB
thebat_rus_6-0-12.msi 13.06 MB
thebat_pro_6-0-12.msi 26.74 MB
thebat_home_6-0-12.msi 8.74 MB
intpack_6-0-12.msi 13.46 MB
voyager_install_4-2-38-7.exe 11.97 MB
voyager_install_4-0-38.exe 13.06 MB
thebat_pro_5-0-36.msi 16.11 MB
voyager_install_5-0-32-1.exe 12.11 MB
thebat_pro_4-2-44.msi 16.05 MB
thebat_pro_4-0-38.msi 15.48 MB
thebat_pro_3-99-3.msi 12.69 MB
thebat_rus_3-99-3.msi 9.52 MB
the_bat_1.62.exe 2.4 MB
the_bat_2.12.04.exe 3.93 MB