The Bat! 1.18 by Zonia Heath

Author: Zonia Heath
Source: Shareware Junkies

The Bat! is a full featured email client. I last reviewed this program about a year ago and since then there has been new features and enhancements made. It still performs all the standard features for sending and receiving email. It supports IMAP4, POP, APOP, SMTP, and PGP. It has a very easy to use interface so that even a novice user can use the powerful features.

This program has so many features including automatic spell checker, Dial-up networking support, mail notification, filters, templates, Mail Dispatcher for managing messages on server on-line, message editor with text highlighting, support for multiple users, support for multiple email addresses, mailing list server functions, automatic mail retrieval, live URLs, nested folders, drag & drop, importing capabilities, multiple address books, submission forms, and ten interface languages with possibility to switch between them.

Other features that I mentioned in my previous reviews that I didn't mention above includes MIME standards and UUEncode, secure or insecure access to messages, ability of checking all the accounts with one click, ability to setup the templates for replies and etc for each folder, flagged replies, the ability to Park (prevent them from being deleted) messages, purge and compress folders on exit, view original text when replying, send mail from all accounts, save drafts to outbox, sender options can be set for each folder, an account creation wizard, support for changing your pop3 password if your server supports it, reply counter in subject, check your spelling as you type, view the addresses by names, emails, or aliases, and "mailto" stripped when pasting from the web browser.

Here's the bottom line. I have used or reviewed a lot of different email clients and I believe this one is the best. They are always updating and enhancing the programming. They have come a long way since my first review and continue to do so. You don't have to take my word for it though just take advantage of the 30 day free trial and see for yourself why I consider this email program "The Best".