The Bat! v4 – The Best Gets Better

Our devoted user Mark Geisinger goes on with reviewing The Bat! This time he focuses his attention on The Bat! v4 strengths and weaknesses, speaking of memory usage improvements and other issues. For example, Small Things Count section draws attention to addressee’s name capitalization feature, which is very useful despite being tiny.

The new review is called "The Bat! v4 – The Best Gets Better". Those of you who are interested can read the whole text. We gratefully present some extracts from Mark’s article:

Small Things Count
The Bat! now capitalizes an addressee’s name in the address bar. Such a little thing saves a compulsive person like myself lots of time.

Is The Bat! v4.x Worth the Upgrade?
Absolutely. One could read this short piece and notice an obvious lack of gleeful enthusiasm. Don’t mistake my matter-of-fact style for anything other than just that. As with all previous releases of The Bat!, v4.x is well worth the cost and near zero upgrade pain (you do have to download it, after all). If it’s a bit thin on revolution, I can live with that. It is still the best Windows email client on the planet.

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