The Shortcomings of Cloud Communication Systems

Dealermarket, an influential Spanish IT magazine, has published an article by Ritlabs, SRL CEO Maxim Masiutin on the trends of contemporary business communication systems and their usage. The article aims to clarify the current situation and some of the potential risks associated with the use of cloud computing.

Mr. Masiutin discusses and elaborates upon the shortcomings of cloud computing implementation, such as possible data leaks, loss of control over information access, overall lower productivity due to the increased load on servers and others.

Mr. Masiutin maps out an alternative way to reduce these risks and improve email handling efficiency, by using desktop email clients, and thereby contributing to a more productive and secure communication environment. He notes that desktop email software is much more flexible and secure. It allows users to handle messages offline, work with multiple email accounts at once, and benefit from automated message processing using filters and mass mailing.

Read the original article in Spanish. ( January, 2015 edition )

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