The Bat! 3.99

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[ ! Major Improvement ]
[ + Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]

[+] Animated smiles in smile panel.
[+] A new command-line parameter /REFILTER to re-filter the specified folder. E.g. thebat.exe.
[+] Backup archives larger than 2G bytes are now properly handled: /refilter;U=accountname;F=foldername.
[-] (#0006195) Now The Bat! allows opening any attachment, even if the mask of disabled files is empty.
[-] (#0006279) In new version a warning appears when user enters a space between extensions in Protection section (extension doesn't work then).
[-] (#0006284) In 3.99, when replying to an HTML message with national characters encoded as Unicode, quotation is correctly extracted.
[-] Encode bug in HTML fixed.
[-] Reading from broken "data container" does not cause memory overruns and AVs anymore.
[-] Bug in decoding Japanese HTML messages fixed.
[-] (#0006222) Now Robin HTML viewer displays Japanese characters correctly.
[-] There are no more additional spaces in HTML save/copy/paste.
[*] Submission Forms' variables and user lists are enabled now.
[-] (#0006306) Closing unchanged new message editor does not require confirmation anymore.
[*] Changed File Description of thebat.exe from "The Bat! E-Mail Client. Works with Windows Vista" to "The Bat! E-Mail Client by Ritlabs".
[-] (#0006294) When replying to HTML message, text in table can now be selected with double-click
[-] (#0006310) Program is not checking updates anymore if this feature is disabled in Preferences.
[-] In the token activation dialog, there are no more untranslated strings "Registration Key Block:" and "Order number" (Voyager Issue).
[-] (#0006287) Account with user rights: Sections in Preferences dialog are not switched over.
[-] (#0006288) Account with user rights: Sorting Office is correctly enabled now.
[-] (#0006289) Account with user rights: Menu item "Network and Administration" is enabled now.
[-] (#0006290) Account with user rights: Folder management is disabled if it’s set in “Network and Administration”.
[-] (#0006291) Account with user rights: Account transport section is disabled if it’s set in “Network and Administration”.
[-] (#0006302) No more squares in PGP validation dialog.
[-] Message counter in a folder is now updated when a new message is added to this folder by "Decrypt a message" filter.
[-] Now if a filter is unable to decrypt a message, it is possible to move the message (that could not have been decrypted) to a folder.
[-] If a filter has an action to decrypt a message an there is an S/MIME error like "failed to parse the PKCS#7 object", the error is now displayed in the log file instead of being given to the screen in a modal dialog box.
[-] Account setting of message split size is not ignored when the new messages are created by Sorting Office/Filters.
[*] When creating a new message from a filter, the options "Sign when Completed", "Encrypt when Completed", "Use PGP", "Use S/MIME" are taken from the account properties, so you don't need to explicitly set these options via %SIGNCOMPLETE, %USEGPG (etc) macros. However, if you don't want a new message from a filter to be signed or encrypted, you should use the macros %NOSIGNCOMPLETE, %NOENCRYPTCOMPLETE.
[-] (#0002988) When restoring data from a backup archive, the certificates in the "Trusted Root" address book are now trusted from the start.
[-] In S/MIME certificates and certificate requests, the "middle name" field is now properly stored in the "initials" attribute rather than in "GenerationQualifier" attribute.
[-] Fixed some small handle leaks of "FindFirstFile" API calls.
[-] S/MIME signed and/or encrypted reading confirmation messages (in Sorting Office/Filters) are now supported.
[-] If you specify a character set in the submission form, it is now used to encode output data (filled by the user in the input fields).
[-] The option in the account properties to use non-encoded 8-bit characters in the message header now works properly.
[-] (#0006193) E-mail addresses from the Intermediate CA and Trusted Root CA address books are not being used by the auto-complete function now.
[-] (#0006293) Account with user rights: user with limited access rights cannot create/delete an account anymore.
[-] Regular expressions work properly in the filters.
[-] URLs work under Windows 98.
[-] Submission forms are now stored during backup.
[-] (#0006217) Double line spacing in plain text replies to HTML messages fixed.
[-] (#0005890) Reply to HTML using text format is much better now.
[-] (#0001842) Macro QUOTE now works for multipart/alternative message with UTF-8 part.
[-] (#0006321) Account order is now updated after renaming an account.
[-] Cosmetic fixes in account properties and SMTP/POP3 authentication windows.
[-] Cosmetic fixes in the Sorting Office/Filter properties: "decrypt message" action dialog does not wrap a checkbox under Windows Vista anymore.
[*] IMAP counters changes.
[-] POP3/SMTP authentication passwords in the account properties are now XXE encoded in the configuration file.
[-] Finally fixed the problem of restoring certificates from backup.
[-] (#0006324) The Bat! does not change charset to UTF-8 when a simpler charset like Windows-1251 can be used.
[-] (#0006318) Command line parameter "/mail....;ATTACH=filename" works with masks now (*.ext etc).
[-] Attached files with Unicode characters are now supported both when keeping attachments in message bodies and in a separate directory.
[-] In 3.99, attachments are not deleted from the Attachment directory if they contain non-Latin characters.
[*] Folders are created automatically when restored from a backup archive without restoration of account properties.
[*] Significantly improved speed of working with attachments.
[-] Submission forms list in the main window now gets updated if you add a submission from an attachment.
[-] Some IMAP filtering fixes.
[-] Encrypted backup archives with huge folders (about 1GB) now can be created or restored with no "out of memory" errors.
[-] Mail chat problem with national characters fixed.
[-] Memory leak when a new message was stored into a folder fixed.
[*] Better and faster way to shutdown when some tasks are in progress.
[*] The "Later" button in the "OK to exit now?" dialogue.
[-] (#0006063) Uninformative error message at backup fixed.

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