The Bat! 4.0.24

Interface Improvements
[+] Possibility to choose background colour for Image Viewer.
[+] "Resend to..." command for attachments in the message preview pane.
[+] It is now possible to extract attachments from multiple selected messages using the "Attachments|Save all..." commands. in the main menu and message list menu.
[*] Keyboard layout indicator in input password dialogue.
[*] Password input dialog now displays the "Caps Lock" status.
[*] Easier registration key input for unregistered version of The Bat!

S/MIME Internal Implementation
[*] When using S/MIME internal implementation and a user removes a self-signed certificate with private key from account, The Bat! also deletes this certificate from Trusted Root CA address book.
[-] (#0006784) Signing certificate wasn't saved as default while signing (using internal S/MIME).
[-] (#0004656) When signing a message with S/MIME internal implementation, and the "OK" button was inactive because the user had the only one self-signed certificate, after clicking "View" and adding this certificate to the "Trusted Root CA" address book, the "OK" button was still inactive. The user had to click "Cancel" and then try to sign the message again.

Secure Connections
[*] During the TLS handshake, The Bat! first looks for certificates in the address book, and then, if a required certificate was not found there, in the list of certificates transmitted from the server to the client during the TLS handshake. It allows the user to add proper certificates to the address book to override the troublesome certificates that might have been transmitted by the server.
[*] Better logging for certificate chains in TLS connections.

[+] %MEMO template macro for including the original message's Memo text.
[+] New syntax of %ABnnnEMAIL macros: it is now possible to retrieve secondary email addresses on an address book entry by passing a number as the first parameter, e.g. %ABOTOEMAIL(1). The second parameter can be used for setting the default value. %ABnnnEMAIL[="Default Value"] work as before and in the same way as %ABnnnEMAIL(0, "Default Value").
[-] %CLEAR macro did not work in HTML/Windows Editor.
[-] (#0006987): %ISSIGNATURE pasted many times in HTML.
[-] (#0007004) Links (http or mailto) does not reformatted to clickable when pasted from a Quick Template.

Submission Forms
[+] Possibility to filter lists of choices.
[-] If a submission form preview couldn't sign or encrypt the form contents, an empty error box was shown.

Protected Environment
[-] When using the runas.exe provided by Windows for running single applications with different user credentials, The Bat! has the "Default Application Data Folder" grayed out.

Other bugfixes
[-] There could be AVs in POP3 session.
[-] Access Violation could randomly occur when an address book entry was deleted.

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