The Bat! 4.2.10

[+] The Bat! is now "Compatible with Windows® 7"
[-] Thai html is displayed by The Bat! with orphan characters in the end of each line; also, the multiline space is too big.
[-] Some fixes with Thai
[*] Renewed the SIMPLE MAPI handler
[*] When working with S/MIME internal implementation, the "Select Certificate" dialogue box is now sizeable.
[+] It is now possible to search S/MIME certificates by e-mail when using the Internal Implementation
[*] A warning is given when the user clicks "Destroy all private keys" button in the hardware token editor
[*] When using OTFE with Aladdin eToken and the user did enter an incorrect PIN during the startup, The Bat! did exit; now it offers to enter the PIN again
[-] An SMTP Authentication option to use MD5 authentication was sometimes incorrectly handled
[*] Once a submission form was signed, the user will be unable to uncheck the appropriate checkboxes to make the form unsigned in future
[*] Fixed Windows taskbar title for the Splash window.
[-] Fixed a redundant error message when the user cancels decryption of an S/MIME message
[*] New, gray glyph set for HTML editor icons
[-] (#0007685) Color list combo boxes do not adjust to the large font
[-] (#0007684) Status bar contents do not adjust according to the selected large font
[-] (#0007683) Tabs do not adjust according to the Large Fonts
[-] (#0007682) Folder tree images are not vertically aligned
[*] New glyphs for find menu icon, icons for find next/prev fixed in message preview context menu

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